September 22nd, 2014

Tailored Housemaid Service

Coming to Glo-Tech, customers will experience a true sense of satisfaction with our company’s housemaid service.

Glo-Tech owns a specialized training center, which is modeled on a typical Saudi Arabian family with modern facilities and genuine jobs that housemaids will face in authentic working environment. In the center, training courses are constantly opened, taught by teachers rich in experience and fluency in English as well as Saudi Arabia, to equip housemaids with necessary skills and knowledge about life in the host country. Over the past years, Glo-Tech has provided thousands of housemaids to overseas, such as Taiwan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Dubai and especially, Saudi Arabia. Not only does Glo-Tech bring about secured job and stable life for housemaids and their family but our company also offers pleasure, satisfaction and safety to employers.

Towards the house owners
: Throughout more than 15 years of operating in housemaid sector, we always see clients’ family as our own family, and thus, can acutely recognize the requests, needs as well as distinct features of each customer in different country. Thus, we can consult and help our beloved clients to have an optimal selection of a Vietnamese housemaid.For the sustainable development and growing reputation of Glo-Tech in the field of servant service, we always attach special importance to both sides: house owners and housemaids.

Towards the housemaids: Though living in poor families in rural areas, our female workers can become amazing housemaids in modern homes owning to their nature of honesty, hard-working and willing to learn. Hence, we train those women in our training center to provide them with professional skills and ethics of a housemaid before their departure, specifically:

  • Full information about the rights, responsibilities and salaries of a housemaid.
  • Sufficient understanding of humans, culture and law of the host country.
  • Basic communication in English or Arabian.
  • Daily housework such as: taking care of children and the old, cleaning, ironing, washing clothes, cooking, using modern equipments in family, etc.
  • Soft skills in communication, living, etc.

rompt, professional and friendly service – We believe this is the key to bring about your satisfaction.

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