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Capabilities and Services of Glo-Tech

Welcome to Glo-Tech, a leading company in Vietnam specializing in international labor supply services and study abroad consulting. Our mission is to connect Vietnamese talent with global opportunities, providing high-quality labor to key international markets and comprehensive study abroad consulting services. Here are our core capabilities:

1.    International Labor Supply

Glo-Tech proudly serves as a reliable partner in supplying labor to markets in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Middle Eastern countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

We have expanded our operations to European markets such as Germany, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic, offering Vietnamese workers opportunities in diverse international environments.

2.    Comprehensive Study Abroad Consulting

We provide complete study abroad consulting services, guiding Vietnamese students towards appropriate courses and institutions in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and several European countries.

Our services include school and course selection, visa procedures, and preparation for life and study abroad, ensuring a seamless transition for students.

3.    Language and Professional Training

Glo-Tech offers specialized language and professional training programs, strategically designed to equip workers and students with the essential skills needed for success in international settings. Our courses are tailored to ensure a smooth transition to overseas opportunities.

4.    Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Our unwavering commitment at Glo-Tech is to provide high-quality, transparent, and reliable services in every aspect of our operations. The Glo-Tech team, with its extensive experience and expertise, is always ready to support our clients and partners, ensuring excellence in every endeavor.

Glo-Tech goes beyond just providing services; we build bridges between workers, students, and global opportunities. With a deep understanding of the international labor and education markets, we are confident in meeting and exceeding the diverse needs and expectations of our clients. Contact us to discover how we can support you in your global journey, whether in the workforce or educational fields.

Enhanced with detailed service information, Glo-Tech is ready to connect Vietnamese talent with global opportunities in both the workforce and educational sectors. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us.

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