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Glo-Tech Leads in the Vietnam to Poland Labor Supply Project Since 2019

Since 2019, Glo-Tech has been at the forefront of a strategic initiative: supplying Vietnamese labor to Poland, particularly in the fields of electronic component assembly and food processing. This project has not only created valuable employment opportunities for Vietnamese workers but also demonstrates Glo-Tech's commitment to professional and sustainable development.

Candidates from Glo.Tech’ner participate in a food processing job interview with partners from Poland

Focusing on Key Industries:

In food processing, Glo-Tech concentrates on supplying personnel for tasks such as cutting, slicing, and packaging products from chicken, beef, and fish, as well as operating sausage production lines.

In the electronics sector, we provide workers for assembly, packaging, and warehousing. Glo-Tech also extends its labor supply to other fields like welding, agriculture, and culinary arts.

Glo-Tech has rapidly become a leading company in this field, known for a workforce that is skilled, diligent, and adaptable to the international working environment.

Feedback from Polish Partners and Opportunities for Workers:

Our Polish partners consistently praise the quality and professionalism of Vietnamese workers. Their participation not only contributes to the success of the projects but also brings long-term benefits to both partners and workers. This project has opened doors for Vietnamese laborers to access a civilized and fair working environment in Poland, complete with attractive salaries and excellent social security policies.

Future Development and Collaboration:

In 2024, Glo-Tech and its Polish partners reaffirm their reliable and sustainable cooperation with a new project, offering 500 positions in the mentioned sectors. This project not only consolidates Glo-Tech's position in the international labor market but also contributes to the socio-economic development of both Vietnam and Poland.

Glo-Tech's Commitment and Vision:

Glo-Tech is committed to maintaining and developing this relationship with professionalism and foresight. We take pride in creating sustainable value for the community and international partners through this labor supply project. The outcomes of this initiative are not just a measure of success but also a testament to Glo-Tech's dedication and commitment to enhancing the life quality and career prospects of the workers we support.

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