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Tailored Housemaid Service

At Glo-Tech, customers will experience true satisfaction with our company’s housemaid service.

Glo-Tech owns a specialized training center, modeled after a typical Saudi Arabian family home, equipped with modern facilities and realistic job scenarios that housemaids will encounter in a genuine working environment. Our training courses are continuously offered, taught by experienced teachers fluent in English and knowledgeable about Saudi Arabia, to equip housemaids with the necessary skills and understanding of life in the host country. Over the years, Glo-Tech has provided thousands of housemaids overseas to countries such as Taiwan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Dubai, and especially, Saudi Arabia. Glo-Tech not only secures jobs and stable lives for housemaids and their families but also offers satisfaction and safety to employers.  

For the house owners: With over 15 years of experience in the housemaid sector, we always consider our clients’ families as our own, enabling us to keenly understand the requirements, needs, and unique characteristics of each customer in different countries. This allows us to advise and assist our clients in making the optimal selection of a Vietnamese housemaid. For the sustainable development and growing reputation of Glo-Tech in the domestic service field, we place special emphasis on the interests of both house owners and housemaids.

For the housemaids: Even those from impoverished rural backgrounds can become outstanding housemaids in modern homes, thanks to their inherent honesty, hard work, and willingness to learn. Therefore, we train these women at our center to endow them with professional skills and ethics before their departure. Specifically, we provide:

Full information about the rights, responsibilities, and salaries of a housemaid.

A sufficient understanding of the culture and laws of the host country.

Basic communication skills in English or Arabic.

Training in daily housework such as child and elderly care, cleaning, ironing, washing clothes, cooking, using modern household equipment, etc.

Soft skills in communication and living.

"We believe this is the key to ensuring your satisfaction."

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