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Glo-Tech's Comprehensive Recruitment Process for Labor Export

At Glo-Tech, we pride ourselves on executing a thorough and efficient recruitment process for labor export. Our approach encompasses eight key steps to ensure optimal satisfaction for both our partners and our workforce:

1.    Analyzing Partner Needs and Requirements: We start with an in-depth understanding of our partner's specific needs and expectations to ensure the recruitment is perfectly aligned.

2.    Establishing Recruitment Standards: Our strategic planning phase involves setting clear criteria and qualifications for the roles, aiming for a targeted and efficient recruitment process.

3.    Promoting and Attracting Candidates: We market job positions across various channels, attracting a diverse pool of qualified candidates, ensuring high visibility and reach.

4.    Screening and Selecting Profiles: Our process includes a meticulous review of applications to shortlist candidates who best fit the job specifications and requirements.

5.    Interviews and Skill Assessments: We conduct comprehensive interviews and skill assessments to evaluate each candidate's suitability and competencies for the role.

6.    Legal Procedures and Employment Contracts: Managing all legal aspects, we ensure full compliance with local and international labor laws, including employment contract administration.

7.    Pre-departure Training and Preparation: Candidates receive extensive training before departure, equipping them for their new roles and the work environment abroad.

8.    Support and Monitoring of Labor Integration Abroad: We offer ongoing support and monitor the integration of employees into their new workplaces, ensuring a smooth transition and successful placement.

Each step of our process is designed to maintain the highest quality and satisfaction for our partners and the labor force we supply.

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